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Easy Checkbox - Virtuemart 2 plugin

With this plug-in you can add some accessories, additives, toppings etc. to your main product that customer can choose. It works like variant plug-in but this plug-in shows checkboxes and you can have as many of them as you want. You can also set checkboxes to be checked by default, or show image with checkbox. Administration is very easy. Just type additives with mark-up price separated by commas, use some extra functions and thats it.

Layout image

Lastest Release: V2.0.4 on 9.11.2014

Plug-in > v2.0.0 works on Joomla 3.3 with Virtuemart 3.0 and Joomla 2.5 with Virtuemart 2.0 or Virtuemart 2.6!


Install plugin with Extension Manager in Joomla and enable it in Plug-in Manager.

Then go to VirtueMart and configure plug-in in Custom Fields page. Choose New and then at Custom Field Type choose Plug-ins. Type Title and at Select a plug-in choose VM - Custom - Easycheckbox. You can here type default additives.

Then go to product and go to Custom Fields tab. At Custom Fields Type choose plug-in which you created. Now you can type Title, Selections and choose if you want that plug-in is shown in two columns.

Example of Selection field:

sweetcorn#+1,pineapple#+1,onions#+1,olives#+1,mushrooms#1,tuna#+1,pepperoni#+1,extra mozzarella#+1

Other settings:

Custom title - Unlike Title in custom field section, which is shown in add to cart area as title, Custom title is shown in cart page.

Show in two columns - Show checkboxes in one or two columns.

Hide prices on product page - If checked, price variants are hidden in checkboxes labels.

Increase sales price - If checked, sales price is changed with value, otherwise base price is changed. For example:  (10 + 1) * tax   or   (10 * tax) + 1

Show prices in cart page - This shows checkboxes descriptions and prices in cart page below product name.

Special functions:

#CHECKED - Checked by default
Example: 24 hours shipping#CHECKED#+10,....

#IMG{image_path} - Shows image between checkbox and text
Example: Cheese#IMG{images/toppings/cheese.jpg}#+1,....

#IMGPOP{image_path} - Shows image as hint on mouseover
Example: Cheese#IMGPOP{images/toppings/cheese.jpg}#+1,....

#TEXT{Some text here} - Add text before option (checkbox)
Example: Cheese#TEXT{This is one good cheese}#+1,....

You can use all this functions together
Example: Cheese#CHECKED#IMG{images/toppings/cheese-small.jpg}#IMGPOP{images/toppings/cheese.jpg}#TEXT{This is one good cheese}#+1,....

Special options:

Use checkbox as radio - Only one selection possible

Max number of checkboxes to select

Number of non-chargeable options - 3 means that 3 options are for free

Value of non-chargeable options - 5 means that options in value 5 are for free


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