Stable 3.2.0

Large release, lot of new features, better layouts!

We totaly rewrited whole javascript for handling products to avoid all issues in the past and fully support VM3 features. We also rewrited all layouts, so that now they have less and easier code.

We added support for non-variant customfields (like string, dates, integer) to all layouts. So now you can simply use really a lot of data in table. Just like printed catalogues.

We added some simple responsible css for hadnling tables on mobile devices.

And one important thing - we added option to use one Addtocart button for all products or one button for each product!


This is Stable version of Catproduct that was made specialy for VM3.x and Joomla 3.x, but should also works on VM2.x with J2.5, but we strongly suggest upgrading.

If you are installing Catproduct on fresh page, do not worry, but if you upgrading it from 2.x version, please read post in previous releases!

Please, if you are upgrading Catproduct, upgrade it first on your test version, not on production site.

Change log:

v3.2.0 (30. May 2016)
- Total rewrite of javascript to avoid all issues in the past and fully support VM3 features
- Rewrites of all layouts. Less and easier code.
- Added support for non-variant customfields to all layouts.
- Added simple responsible css.
- Added option Add-to-cart button for each product or for all products.

V3.0.10 (16. May 2016)
- Added javascript code for calculating total quantity
-Added js prepareImageLightbox, to call it after ajax refresh
- Added small support for string customfield inside default.php
- Fixed XML (sortsku) and removed sorting from manual to default as it should be

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