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I've just bought your plugin Dropbox with image picker.
Installed and configured. All is working well except the fact that the images generated by the plugin appears under the main image.

Ex: http://netlex.it/acitoinox/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=productdetails&virtuemart_product_id=253&virtuemart_category_id=10&Itemid=968&lang=it

Could u help me?

Thanks a lot.

There is a setting where to put images - original image class. I see you did some changes. Is this ok with you?

Which version of VM you use? Are you thinking about VM3? You could try new version - it's not released jet, cause I need to make some work around to support VM2, but if you would use VM3 you could test it.

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I decided to put the "Dropbox" image in ".product-field-type-E" and all is working well.

but ...

1. in custom field administration section (virtuemart custom field creation section - no custom field in product page) when i put some information images (ex: -;004S_BULLBAR_INOX.png|FARO HELLA 001;004S_FARO_ HELLA.png) in "Dropbox Selections seperated with | " and click "SAVE" The plugin doesn't save my information. at the same time the plugin save my information in custom field under product creation...

2. on frontend if u try to add product to cart - with two fields selected - (FARI/LED)


the results is that the cart shows only one custom field... why???

Could u help me?


I'm using virtuemart 2.6.6


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