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Who and why could use Catproduct?

Everybody! Why? Don't ask but use it! Catproduct can be most useful plug-in you have ever seen! Main purpose is to add several products into cart at same time. But more important is which product. Here are some examples:

So what is Catproduct in theory?

Catproduct primary display child products, but it can be use to display any product!

You can use it to display different variants of product, tools for main product, accessories for product, related products, or anything you imagine! (Products, that are not children of main product, are in this description named "Attached products".)

You can also use Catproduct for displaying kits!

Default layout is a table of products on main product page with quantity boxes on a side and one Add-to-cart button. But Catproduct support custom layouts so you can have different layouts for different products!

You can select how Catproduct will sort products. You can sort them by id, sku, name, weight, length, width, height and price.

You can attach other products to the table with child product. That means you can put one independent product to many parents. Simple put product ids in plug-in configuration and products will be shown in parent product layout. You can also set custom title for attached products like "Accessories". Look example in J2.5 DEMO here or J2.5 DEMO here.

With Catproduct you can set, what is the minimal and maximal order quantity. You can also set quantity in box and only multiplied value of that quantity can be ordered!

Catproduct support dynamic price update. This is used for quantity discount. This makes calculation a little slower so it can be turn off if not used.

Main Features:

Plugin works with child products or with Stockable plugin. It won't show rows only with custom non-stockable attributes! It works on Joomla 2.5 with VirtueMart > 2.0.16. It may work with older version, so if you need it for VM < 2.0.16, please contact us. Catproduct also works on VM 2.6! From version 3.0.0, Catproduct also works on Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3!

Read on: Catproduct installation and configuration

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