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Easycheckbox with Quantities

With this plug-in you can add some accessories, additives, toppings etc. to your main product that customer can choose. It works like variant plug-in, similar to Easycheckbox, but this plug-in shows checkboxes with quatity fields and you can have as many of them as you want. Administration is very easy. Just type additives with mark-up price separated by commas and thats it.

Lastest Release: V2.0.10 on 13.5.2016

Plug-in > v2.0.0 works on Joomla 3.3 with Virtuemart 3.0 and Joomla 2.5 with Virtuemart 2.0 or Virtuemart 2.6!


Install plugin with Extension Manager in Joomla and enable it in Plug-in Manager.

Then go to VirtueMart and configure plug-in in Custom Fields page. Choose New and then at Custom Field Type choose Plug-ins. Type Title and at Select a plug-in choose VM - Custom - Easycheckbox with Quantity. You can here type default additives.

Then go to product and go to Custom Fields tab. At Custom Fields Type choose plug-in which you created. Now you can type Title, Selections and choose if you want that plug-in is shown in two columns.

Example of Selection field:

sweetcorn#+1,pineapple#+1,onions#+1,olives#+1,mushrooms#1,tuna#+1,pepperoni#+1,extra mozzarella#+1

Other settings:

Custom title - Unlike Title in custom field section, which is shown in add to cart area as title, Custom title is shown in cart page.

Hide prices on product page - If checked, price variants are hidden in checkboxes labels.

Increase sales price - If checked, sales price is changed with value, otherwise base price is changed. For example:  (10 + 1) * tax   or   (10 * tax) + 1

Show prices in cart page - This shows checkboxes descriptions and prices in cart page below product name.

Max quantity for checkboxes - Here you can type max quantity that can be set for quantity fields of Easycheckbox with Quantity

Max total quantity to select - Max total quantity (sum of all quantities) that can be added to cart with product

Min total quantity to select - Min total quantity (sum of all quantities) that must be added before product can be added to cart

Special functions:

#CHECKED - Checked by default with quantity 1
Example: Something#CHECKED#+10,....

#VAL{int_number} - Checked by default with typed quantity
Example: Something#VAL{5}#+10,....

#MAX{int_number} - Max possible quantity
Example: Something#MAX{10}#+10,....

#MIN{int_number} - Min possible quantity or zero
Example: Something#MIN{3}#+10,....

#IMG{image_path} - Shows image between checkbox and text
Example: Cheese#IMG{images/toppings/cheese.jpg}#+1,....

#IMGPOP{image_path} - Shows image as hint on mouseover
Example: Cheese#IMGPOP{images/toppings/cheese.jpg}#+1,....

#TEXT{Some text here} - Add text before option (checkbox)
Example: Cheese#TEXT{This is one good cheese}#+1,....

#HINT{Some text here} - Add text inside image lightbox or as a hint on additive title
Example: Cheese#HINT{This cheese is made out of milk}#+1,....

You can use all this functions together
Example: Something#VAL{3}#MIN{3}#MAX{10}#IMG{images/toppings/something.jpg}#IMGPOP{images/toppings/something.jpg}#TEXT{This is one good cheese}#+10,...


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